More compatibility V-Guard Solar Products allows you to use more simple

Solar water heater

Crafted using high quality components and engineered to perfection..

Solar Lighting System

Do the job of directly converting sunlight into electricity by PV modules..


Here’s an inverter that truly stands for technical perfection and finesse..


DU 875 Pro+ has the power of seasoned professional and double precisely the speed of response..

Our Vision

Our Vision is crafted around the Vision of the State and the Country. We constantly upgrade and adapt to meet the ever growing energy needs of our country. Reciprocate to the needs and wants of the society is the primary motto of a responsible organization. Energy conservation and energy management by avoiding wastage and a continuous process of adaptability, innovation are the needs of the Hour. We encourage V-Guard Solar Products and would like to be a part of any such novel idea.

Solar water heater and solar lighting systems are very commonly used Solar Products due to the abundance of solar power and the technology. Our V-Guard Solar Products range from 100 litre per day to 200 litre per day for domestic installations. Higher capacity starts from 300 lpd to 5000 lpd for large requirements. Solar lighting starts from 1 KV to 3 KV to suit the lighting demands. We strive very hard to meet the requirements of our clients by constantly improving our service standards.

Inverters and UPS are our next forte and are an expert in designing the solution for energy needs. V-Guard Solar Products are very much in demand due to its quality and local availability. We have a well trained team to look into the needs of the day and address all the requirements of our clients.

V-Guard Water level controllers and Pumps are quite frequently used by clients and we are very proud to be associated with these products as conservation of resources is primarily achieved through these products.

We wanted our products and Services to mention under Our Vision as they will speak volumes about our capabilities and scalabilities. We envision large scale usages of products based on Solar Power for energy saving and environmental protection. This will take us to an unassailable position in terms of energy production and management. We would like to call up on our clients to take this up as a social responsibility and motivate more people to use Solar Products.

DU 875 Pro

Never falls short on delivery or style, the new V-Guard DU 875 Pro is the calling when it comes to uncompromised performance. Pro to the hilt, it packs a punch with high frequency switching design which not only looks intelligent but provides nonchalant thermal management relief. V-Guard DU 875 Pro never lets your power infra to shiver or blink all because of its MOSFET based PWM technology which enhances dynamic stability. None of its features are run of the mill, so you get the reliable most machine to bank upon. Envy the competition with V-Guard DU 875 Pro that has in-built back feed, battery over charge, deep discharge, smart overload and short circuit protection features.

SSAL PR Includes Features

Intelligent Time Delay System
Low & High Voltage Cut-Off Protection
Latest IC Technology
Built-In Thermal Overload Protection
Compatible with Regular & Inverter AC’s
Wall Mounting Cabinet Design
Energy Sufficient Design
Smart Digital Display
Input / output connections – 3/4
Operating Pressure : Max 4 kg/cm2

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